Saturday, September 30, 2006

Instant Pizza

This one is too simple, here it goes

Tomato ketchup
Pizza base (usually available at cake shops, I get it from the Merwans cake shop in Mumbai, India)
Cheese (preferably mozzarella)
Black Salt Powder
Black Pepper Powder
Cumin seed Powder

Spread the tomato ketchup on the pizza base
Spread chopped onions and capsicums on the base
Spread Black Salt, Black Pepper, Cumin seed Powders, for taste (Indian Style!!)
Next, spread grated cheese
for the garnish, place 3-4 tomatoes in top (not seen in pic)
Bake in an oven or microwave (Oven temperatures: 200°C, for 5 minutes approximately, or keep observing and stop baking as you find the thing done ;-) !!)
Cut the pie as required!!

Will be putting up a glossary for readers very soon, it will have the English name, the Hindi name and the botanical name(in some cases) too, look out for the address (URL) in the right hand side space.

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shrads said...

I will comment on it only after tasting it.. so can i expect to taste it tomorrow..